Your moments…they could be snapshots. They should be art.

Blossom, Rocky Mountain Horse by Michigan Equine Photographer Laura Adams

Every year, a group of friends and I have a Girl’s Weekend.  We take a horse (or horses) and spend the weekend enjoying quality time with our besties.  We’ve been doing this for years (except for one, I’ll explain), and a LOT of work and planning go into it.  The weekend has always been planned by one incredibly organized woman, and I have no idea how she puts together such a large event in addition to working full time, being a mother of three, having horses, going to school…it’s an impressive feat.  Our Planner Extraordinaire left Michigan for her job in another state for a couple of years, and the first year she was gone was the year that we didn’t do our Girl’s Weekend.  Yes, we NEED her!  That just confirmed for me that she IS the glue that holds all of these women together.  She’s back now, and we have our annual weekend on the calendar – it’s always a fun-filled fantastic time.

On most of our Girl’s Weekend, I’ve offered equine mini-shoots to capture images of these ladies and their horses.  I’ve gotten some amazing shots over the years, and the setting that we stay in is really quite beautiful (it’s an equine photographer’s dream: horses, pretty areas for photo ops, women who love their horses = photography heaven!)  This image is of Blossom, a beautiful Rocky Mountain Horse mare.  She’s owned by our fearless leader, and she’s a beautiful horse, which makes capturing lovely images of her both fun and relatively easy (NOTE: we did have a heck of a time getting her ears up, and used everything from a reflector, to an umbrella, to a squeaky chicken dog toy to encourage them up!)

I’m sure I’ll be photographing horses at our next weekend, so if you are lucky enough to join us, contact me to schedule your mini session ASAP.  If there’s enough interest, I’ll even bring the big guns – my studio lighting – and we can really have fun!


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