Your moments…they could be snapshots. They should be art.

Sneak Peek at an Upcoming Horse by Michigan Equine Photographer Laura Adams

Hello.  My name is Laura.  I’m addicted to horses and photography.  I have a problem.  A really big problem.  Do you think you can help?


I’m a photographer, and I get super excited about my sessions.  So much so, that I have an incredibly hard time sitting on images until it’s time for the big reveal.  Horribly difficult.  To the point that I think I just might burst.  Last night, I struggled with the urge to share a sneak peek with you of an amazingly beautiful mare who will be up for adoption through New Vocations soon.  I confess that I let that urge win, and I’ve posted an image of said horse.  (::tisk tisk, Laura::)  She has a lovely face and a really kind eye – and LOOK at that shiny coat! 


I hope that my friends at New Vocations understand my enthusiasm for sharing – and my complete lack of self control when it comes to putting on my equine photographer hat – I just HAVE to show you the lovely horses that they get into their adoption program.  This mare will be available through their Michigan facility, so keep an eye out on their web site for her listing.  I also happen to know that there’s another lovely one that may be available around the same time (ugh – did I really just type that?  It was supposed to just be my inside voice, not advertised on my blog!!!).  I love photographing the horses at New Vocations, and the people who run their Michigan facility are a pleasure to work with.  I will be posting more images once the horses have been listed and are officially available.


I really, really tried to keep this one to myself, but I just couldn’t.  My crazy equine photographer addiction to beautiful pictures of lovely horses wins – again!!!




 ©All rights reserved.  Laura Adams and Laura Adams Photographic Art, 2014.  Images and text on this site may NOT be duplicated, saved, scanned, screen captured, used, altered, posted, modified, or otherwise captured or used in any manner without express written permission from Laura Adams.


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