Your moments…they could be snapshots. They should be art.

Serenity by professional equine photographer, Laura Adams.

Serenity. It’s under-rated.

This was one of those amazing winter days where the snow  gently blanketed everything, the air was still, and despite how cold you’d think it was, it actually wasn’t bad (our past few Michigan winters have gifted me with the ability to think that anything above 0 degrees Fahrenheit that doesn’t involve a blustery sub-zero wind is quite bearable.)

The horses here were quiet and still that day, and seemed to enjoy my company as I took in the beautiful view along side them. One of them stopped, framing the woods in front of us, so that I could capture the sight to share with you. I thought to myself as I was with them that this must be what serenity feels like: peace, beauty, companionship – and I was so happy that I had my camera to document that moment.



A black horse watches over a snowy woods in a serene scene of Michigan winter by equine photographer, Laura Adams, of


This image is available as a gallery wrapped canvas or a matted and framed fine art print on my web site BY CLICKING HERE, just navigate to my equine fine art gallery, where you’ll find a wide variety of framing options to match an decor. This makes a stunning statement piece of wall art.


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