Your moments…they could be snapshots. They should be art.

When the Road Darkens by Michigan Professional Equine Photographer Laura Adams

Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens. ~J.R.R. Tolkien


Social media – I love it.  It opens the door to all kinds of friendships, collaborations, and inspiration that we didn’t have access to on a global basis just twenty years ago.  I keep up with a lot of my fans and fellow photographers (plus artists, writers – lots of interesting people in my circles), and we interact a lot.  The world is a lot smaller of a place than we sometimes think – why not have as much fun with as many people as you can while we’re here?




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Now, on to today’s image…  

Our frigid temperatures continue as winter wears on here in lower Michigan, but it’s brought the most lovely sunsets with it. I’m a bit of a fan of more abstract images, and shot this while experimenting a bit with capturing the sunset shining on a bit of mane.  Photographing during golden hour is my absolute favorite time to shoot, and you can tell when looking through my images.  🙂

Mane Abstract and Horsescape by Michigan Professional Equine Photographer Laura Adams

Warm light of a Michigan sunset creates a beautiful abstract horsescape of a horse’s mane against a snow covered field, by Michigan professional equine photographer, Laura Adams, of Laura Adams Photographic Art in south east Michigan.

©All rights reserved,, 2015.  This image is protected by US copyright laws.  Images on this blog may NOT be duplicated, saved, captured, screen captured, scanned, printed, right-click saved, modified, altered, used, displayed, entered into competitions, shared on the Internet, shared with third parties, used on web sites, used in publications (whether in print or via the Internet), or otherwise obtained or used WITHOUT the express written permission from the artist and creator, Laura Adams.  Licensing of images for many of these purposes are available through Laura Adams with a contract and for a fee.  Any intent to circumvent the artist’s revenue through use, display, and/or print will result in legal ramifications and violates US Copyright Law. Contact for purchase, use, and further details.

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