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Serenity by professional equine photographer, Laura Adams.

Serenity. It’s under-rated.

This was one of those amazing winter days where the snow  gently blanketed everything, the air was still, and despite how cold you’d think it was, it actually wasn’t bad (our past few Michigan winters have gifted me with the ability to think that anything above 0 degrees Fahrenheit that doesn’t involve a blustery sub-zero wind is quite bearable.)

The horses here were quiet and still that day, and seemed to enjoy my company as I took in the beautiful view along side them. One of them stopped, framing the woods in front of us, so that I could capture the sight to share with you. I thought to myself as I was with them that this must be what serenity feels like: peace, beauty, companionship – and I was so happy that I had my camera to document that moment.



A black horse watches over a snowy woods in a serene scene of Michigan winter by equine photographer, Laura Adams, of


This image is available as a gallery wrapped canvas or a matted and framed fine art print on my web site BY CLICKING HERE, just navigate to my equine fine art gallery, where you’ll find a wide variety of framing options to match an decor. This makes a stunning statement piece of wall art.


Cowgirls, Horses, and Working Vacations

If it seems like things have been quiet here the past two weeks, you’d be right.  I had plans for a long overdue vacation with a wonderful group of my closest friends at a beautiful state park in Indiana, and thought that I’d be posting on here and Facebook while I was gone, but the remoteness of our location meant that we had no cell phone or internet service.  For the record, it did make me twitchy now and again, but eventually I was able to get over it and enjoy the old feeling of being completely disconnected from social media.  I’m not in a hurry to try it again, but it was refreshing in it’s own right!


But back to my vacation: picture a few days of fun and relaxation with your besties.  One of my very best friends (and sometimes photo assistant extraordinaire) has another friend who lives in the area we were visiting.  That amazingly beautiful young lady contacted me a while back on my Facebook business page (HERE: to inquire about a photo shoot and how to schedule it on my next trip down there.  We touched base a few times, exchanged e-mails and FB messages, and made plans to get together when I got down there.  Flash forward to Easter Sunday, and she arrived for her photo session.


She’s stunning.




…not only is she stunning, but she showed up with a wardrobe that would make any stylist for a western living magazine envious.




Oh, what I would have given to have had more time to work with her while I was down there, but we had some pretty specific images we wanted to capture during our session, and our time was limited.  During her shoot, we were able to create some fantastic images of her with her barrel horse, Buggs, and her sweet little Jack Russell Terrier, Skip (doesn’t he have one of the sweetest faces ever?)  We practically had the place to ourselves, and she is sooo gorgeous, she even had someone stop by our shoot to ask what magazine she was being photographed for!


I know I don’t say it enough (insert sarcasm there, because you’re probably sick of reading me say this), but I LOVE what I do, and helping people capture moments in their lives with their loved ones is by far the best part of it.  Combining my vacation with a little bit of work was a lot of fun, and I’m always happy to consider travel to a destination to help YOU capture your moments, memories, and loved ones!


I’d also like to send a huge shout out and loads of gratitude to my photo assistant for this session.  She always makes things easier for me while I work, and her never-ending support and constant encouragement are appreciated and cherished more than she will ever know.

Heidi with her barrel horse, Bugs, and Jack Russell Terrier, Skip.

Heidi with her barrel horse, Bugs, and Jack Russell Terrier, Skip.

Photography? Art? BOTH! Working the Rail by Michigan Equine Photographer Laura Adams

Photographing horses is a passion of mine. It is the place where time stands still and I can completely focus on my task at hand. When I’m doing that, and in my zone, I see things differently through my lens than the outside world does with their eyes. It can be a magical place, and I’m guilty of always seeing the beauty in these animals and being quite distracted by it, capturing what I see through my lens and translating that into images that are memorable. I take lots of images that are standard for equine photographers: head shots, conformation shots, at-liberty shots, and under-saddle shots, but…I have a really hard time sticking to just the “business” shots when I see something gorgeous happening in front of me.

I was shooting all of the standard shots for a horse coming up for adoption with my friends at, but when this mare went under saddle and worked the long side of their arena, where the sun was starting to set behind her, giving us this amazing rim light, and she hit the right side of the frame in my camera – I had to get that shot. This is one of my new favorites, because for me, it captured the beauty and essence of the moments when this lovely mare was working with her rider to achieve a common goal. She is going to make a lovely pleasure horse for some lucky person, and I’ll always remember her for this shot.


"Working the Rail" is a fine art print by Michigan professional equine photographer Laura Adams of Laura Adams Photographic Art, showing a retired Standardbred race horse working the long side of an arena under saddle at sunset.

“Working the Rail” is a fine art print by Michigan professional equine photographer Laura Adams of Laura Adams Photographic Art, showing a retired Standardbred race horse working the long side of an arena under saddle at sunset.


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