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Summer Horse Photography by Michigan Professional Equine Photographer Laura Adams

Ahhh, it’s that time again.  Time when we can go outside in just a t-shirt and enjoy warm breezes, blowing manes, and the sweet scent of carrot breath.  It’s also the busiest time of year for me as an equine photographer.  This is when everyone wants sessions of and with their horses – the ponies have (finally!) shed their wooly winter coats in favor of a slick, glossy ones, owners keep them groomed to perfection since it’s also show season, and we can move around without contending with layers of clothing and feet of snow.  It also brings our local, county, and state fairs, which mean opportunities to shoot horses engaged in things I don’t normally get to enjoy.


These images were taken during a driving class.  I initially went to take images a friend’s Percherons who were in classes with these Belgians and other draft breeds, and I had a lot of fun admiring the athleticism of these gentle draft giants.  It’s easy for me to feel like a 17 hand saddle horse is big, since I’m around 14-16 hand horses all of the time, but these horses were well into 18 hands and taller – WOW!  That just seems huge, and forget about standing next to one, they definitely made me look tiny.  I don’t mind large horses, but I think I’d have to build a walk-way system in my barn just for general grooming and handling if the draft bug ever bit me!


As my calendar fills up during the summer with horse sessions, family photos, and graduation pictures for Class of 2015 high school seniors, I try to remind myself to schedule some time off to just do what I love for the sake of exposing my skills and mind to new environments.  Fairs, horse shows, and clinics are the perfect place to do that, so I’m fitting in as many as possible!


Enjoy the rest of our spring, friends…

Driving Drafts by Michigan Professional Equine Photographer Laura Adams



Cowgirls, Horses, and Working Vacations

If it seems like things have been quiet here the past two weeks, you’d be right.  I had plans for a long overdue vacation with a wonderful group of my closest friends at a beautiful state park in Indiana, and thought that I’d be posting on here and Facebook while I was gone, but the remoteness of our location meant that we had no cell phone or internet service.  For the record, it did make me twitchy now and again, but eventually I was able to get over it and enjoy the old feeling of being completely disconnected from social media.  I’m not in a hurry to try it again, but it was refreshing in it’s own right!


But back to my vacation: picture a few days of fun and relaxation with your besties.  One of my very best friends (and sometimes photo assistant extraordinaire) has another friend who lives in the area we were visiting.  That amazingly beautiful young lady contacted me a while back on my Facebook business page (HERE: to inquire about a photo shoot and how to schedule it on my next trip down there.  We touched base a few times, exchanged e-mails and FB messages, and made plans to get together when I got down there.  Flash forward to Easter Sunday, and she arrived for her photo session.


She’s stunning.




…not only is she stunning, but she showed up with a wardrobe that would make any stylist for a western living magazine envious.




Oh, what I would have given to have had more time to work with her while I was down there, but we had some pretty specific images we wanted to capture during our session, and our time was limited.  During her shoot, we were able to create some fantastic images of her with her barrel horse, Buggs, and her sweet little Jack Russell Terrier, Skip (doesn’t he have one of the sweetest faces ever?)  We practically had the place to ourselves, and she is sooo gorgeous, she even had someone stop by our shoot to ask what magazine she was being photographed for!


I know I don’t say it enough (insert sarcasm there, because you’re probably sick of reading me say this), but I LOVE what I do, and helping people capture moments in their lives with their loved ones is by far the best part of it.  Combining my vacation with a little bit of work was a lot of fun, and I’m always happy to consider travel to a destination to help YOU capture your moments, memories, and loved ones!


I’d also like to send a huge shout out and loads of gratitude to my photo assistant for this session.  She always makes things easier for me while I work, and her never-ending support and constant encouragement are appreciated and cherished more than she will ever know.

Heidi with her barrel horse, Bugs, and Jack Russell Terrier, Skip.

Heidi with her barrel horse, Bugs, and Jack Russell Terrier, Skip.